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Kaprekar Constant ( Trivia # 14 )

on Friday, May 1, 2009

Step 1: Take any 4 digits number,such that at least 2 of its digits are different.

Step 2: Write the digits in ascending order.

    E.g If I take 7526, the ascending order form is taking the smallest digit first, to the biggest diggit last. In this case, its 2567.

Step 3: Write the digits in descending order.

    E.g If I take 7526, the descending order form is taking the biggest digit first, to the smallest diggit last. In this case, its 7652.

Step 4: Find the difference between the two resulting numbers.

    In the example in steps 2 and 3, we are doing the following operation:-

Step 5: Repeat Steps 2,3 and 4 for the resulting difference we get in step 4.

In less than 8 steps you sall get 6174. Work it out for yourself.

eg: Take the number: 4884

Ascending order: 4488 Descending order; 8844 Difference: 4356

Ascending order: 3456 Descending order; 6543 Difference: 3087

Ascending order: 0378 Descending order; 8730 Difference: 8352

Ascending order: 2358 Descending order; 8532 Difference: 6174

Can anyone say what would be the case for 3 digited numbers?????


Anonymous said...

hey wats this ?! i din get... but seems vry interesting .... !!

Rabi_techManic said...

@ anonymous: This is an property of 4 digited numbers. if u take any 4 digited number and follow the above steps u will land up getting 6174 in less than 7 steps.. try yourself( bt not multiples of 1111 ofcourse because they will give the same number in ascending and descending order)

Ankit Mahato said...
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